Daily office life

We currently have an office space on the ground floor on the ground floor of an old industrial building where Konrad Zuse designed the world's first digital computer.

In non-pandemic times, the office can be a hectic place and every single person contributes to the noise level and culture. Be respectful of your colleagues and contribute in a way that makes the office a better place.

You can use on of our phone boxes to get some quiet.


We have a set of connected speakers in the office which can be accessed through the SONOS apps. Install them and the sound system is yours, so feel free to introduce us to some new tunes.

And if you’re not quite ready yet to expose your love for 90s pop, then of course you can wear headphones as well. Most people treat this is a sign that you don’t want to be disturbed … which goes the other way round as well: If you see people in the zone, be respectful and consider messaging them on Slack or talking to them later.

Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms can be booked through the calendar and are appropriately listed under Rooms. They are named by the colors of their walls and there are five in total:

  • White Space: Large meeting room for workshops, fits eight people around the large desk, but can hold up to 25 if necessary. Has a tv.
  • Yellow Space: A smaller meeting room for three people, with a tv.
  • Green Space: The smallest room we have for just two people without a tv or a proper desk. Good for 1on1s. You find it opposite of yellow.
  • Blue Space: That's actually not a meeting room but a phone box. Perfect if you want to jump in a quick call with someone who's not in the office. It's comfortable for one or two persons, but you can try squeezing up to 4 people in there.
  • Rose Space: Another of those phone boxes.

All meeting rooms are equipped with Jabra speaker/microphones as well to facilitate remote people calling in. Please leave the meeting rooms how you found them.

Our large meeting room for workshops, appropriately called “white space”.
The two smaller meeting boxes, called “yellow space” and “green space”.

Being the first or leaving last

Locking up the office in the evenings and unlocking it in the mornings is easy. During your first days you should’ve gotten a key and there are instructions on the doors if you’re leaving last … it’s really all common sense though: close all the windows, consider switching on the dishwasher, switch off all the lights, lock all the doors.

In terms of office hours, you can come as early as you want, some people already start at 7am.

What about those books?

We have a library of interesting books in the office and you’re free to take any of them home and read them, just drop Patricia a quick note. She keeps a list.

Do speak up!

We value everyone’s input and try to approach all matters with an open mind. Got feedback for us? Suggestions? Want to improve something? Please go ahead, it’s also your company now!

A happy developer.
Visit from a student group.
Dogs are welcome!
Client meeting. 👀