Time Tracking

We know time tracking can be tedious and is usually not something people enjoy doing, but it helps us a lot in understanding projects from a financial perspective and to prevent working over-hours. We use Harvest for time tracking – it comes with a reasonably nice interface and good native apps.

We try to keep things as simple as possible. Since we have a 38 hour work week instead of 40 hours, it is a little bit more tricky though.

So here are the general rules:

  • You should make sure to track on average 38 hours per week (if you work 5day weeks)
  • Usually we work 8 hours from Monday to Thursday and 6 hours on Friday (=38 hours).
  • You can stay longer or leave earlier as long as you make up for it on a different day and talk to your team about it.
  • Holidays and sick days are special: you don't need to book time for those days.
  • Always try to add a comment with your time log. They might end up on an invoice to a client, so try to be specific.
  • Only book time on projects that you’ve actually worked on them. There are jobs for professional development and also internal time, so if that’s what you were doing book this time there. 👯
  • Some people leave a timer running while working, others simply estimate their times at the end of the work day. Both approaches are fine.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your project manager! 🙂