Tools we use

We use a variety of digital tools in our daily work, some of which are listed below. You’ll get access to most of them during the employee onboarding.

Google Apps / G-Suite

This is your email account and calendar, which allows you to see what everyone else is doing, as well as booking meeting rooms. All team calendar events are synced with our dashboard, which is displayed on our TV in the main room.


E-mail is no fun, so we use Slack for all our internal communication. We encourage you to disable as many notifications as possible.


Our central file repository with all project-related assets and information. Sometimes it’s a bit of a mess, but our epic quest to find an easy-to-understand folder structure is a tale for another time.


Time tracking, invoices, proposals, budget planning, reporting. It’s the backbone of our finances.

Harvest Forecast

Forecast adds resource planning to Harvest, so it helps us to plan who works on which projects for how long and what that means for the budget and timelines.


Most projects have some kind of digital task board to organise what everyone is doing. And sometimes you need to write a document, which explains your thoughts or ideas better. Most of the time this is happening in Notion now. So far everyone who used it likes it and it’s getting better with every version.


All shared accounts and credentials are to be found in here.


Used on some projects for organising the design assets and workflow.


This is where all our code is stored.