Communications Lead (d/f/m)

In the humble beginnings of our company we were quite active on social media and littered the web with our posts: our blog got a new article every week, we posted almost daily on Instagram, threw parties in the office, made our employee handbook public, retweeted interesting links on Twitter, flooded tumblr with gifs and posted Snapchat stories daily. That way we gathered quite an active community of interested and like-minded people around the company, blurring the lines between inside and outside our organization. People appreciated the honesty, transparency and the inside look, frequently sending us feedback, commenting and often referring us projects. We were even recognized twice on the street as “those people with a design studio”.

A few years on we sadly couldn’t keep up the output and most of our accounts have been dormant for a while. That’s a shame because among our projects, people, clients, experiments, tooling and workflows are a lot of stories to be found and told.

Therefore we are now searching for a Communications Lead who would like to work with our team on reviving our communications efforts.

The role

  • Lead our communications efforts, making the organization more visible to the outside world, rebuilding the community that makes us special
  • Find stories within the teams/projects that are worth talking about … then turn them into case studies, blog posts or other fitting formats
  • Make sure our blog, instagram, twitter and linkedin accounts never run dry for too long
  • Give our company a voice: start with social media platforms, but quickly your texts will also bleed over into presentations, our website and wiki, … there’s a lot of channels and raw material to work with!
  • Once we have the basics in place, explore new formats: Do we need a TikTok account? Should we start a podcast? A regular video series? A newsletter? An open Discord community? This is your playground.
  • Coordinate everyone who contributes to our social media presence: designers creating instagram story templates, team members with blog post ideas, developers assisting you with technical infrastructure, …
  • The goal is not to replicate how we’ve communicated before, but to break new ground! In a year our comms could look completely different and that’d be great! We value exploration!

A few words about us

We are, a creative studio located in Berlin, founded in 2015, now grown to ~27 people, working with small and large clients from various fields, among them lifestyle brands, tech startups, publishing houses and retail clients.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of designers, developers and strategists, working side-by-side on the strategic brand setup for our clients, followed by the visual representation and then breaking these concepts down into tangible products (e.g. websites, apps or games), working on the user journeys, touch points, interfaces and technical implementation — all in an agile process.

And yes, you would probably rewrite this description to be a bit more fun and clear as well. 😂

How we communicate

  • We are humorous, positive and don’t take ourselves too seriously, are even a little self-deprecating
  • We celebrate the international team we’ve assembled and find delight in our cultural differences and each person’s character
  • Our tone of voice is bold and clear, while staying humble, sprinkled with humour and quirkiness
  • We avoid buzzwords and write so that our parents would get the points
  • We talk to several target audiences simultaneously, which also often overlap: clients, peers, friends, colleagues, our families, …
  • Our main language is English, but we do have a German version of our website and also German presentations from time to time
  • Photos of our people have always been an important cornerstone of our comms

Your profile

  • The role says “Comms Lead”, but that doesn’t imply seniority or means you need to have X years of experience … you could be a seasoned copywriter or also a 22 year-old who’s simply excited about everything social media
  • You don’t need a copywriting background, but your tone of voice should somewhat match/adapt to the above descriptions
  • Fluent in English and ideally German … not speaking German is probably not a dealbreaker though, as English is much more important for us
  • Knowledge and curiosity about social platforms: being an active user of Instagram and Twitter would be beneficial, same goes for TikTok, YouTube, listening to podcasts, reading email newsletters, … you know, being active on the social web!
  • Experience with video production, design chops or technical knowledge all help, but none of them are strictly required
  • At least somewhat skilled taking photos (the bar isn’t super high and it’s all iPhone photos anyways)
  • Make people smile!

You probably already see: we don’t have a very clear picture about who you need to be … surprise us with your application!

The job

  • For photo-taking purposes it would be ideal if you were located in Berlin or planning to move here (we help with relocation), but that doesn’t mean the job has to always be on-site. You can easily work remotely most of the time. Currently our office is pretty deserted anyways.
  • This is probably a full-time position (or at least 4 days per week).
  • You get a professional development budget for learning new things, a 38h week, flexible working hours (core working hours between 11am-3pm), unlimited home-office, workations, regular 1on1s, 30 days of holidays per year (+ your birthday), no extra hours or weekend work (duh!) and the nicest, most supportive colleagues!

Sounds good? Send us a message with some lines about yourself, your motivation, some text samples / social account links and earliest start date to We’ll take it from there. 😊

Not convinced yet? Learn more about us!

Don’t miss our tumblr, lots of office photos on Instagram and take a look at our Twitter. There is also a ton of articles on our blog or learn more in our wiki (which you are already on).

Lastly, in case this job is not for you, but nonetheless you read thus far: We’d be grateful if you shared this job posting with your network or passed it on to someone who might be interested. Thank you! 🙇