Engineering Manager (d/f/m)

We are, a digital studio from Berlin, focusing on branding and building digital products with clients such as Red Bull, ZEIT ONLINE or the city of Düsseldorf. Our team consists of engineers, designers, project managers, strategists and office managers. Although we have a shiny office in Berlin-Kreuzberg all of our employees currently work remotely and a large part will stay distributed even after the pandemic.

Impression from one of our company-wide hackdays (pre-corona obviously)

Our situation

We have grown to around 30 people, of which about half are engineers. Our development team is currently led by our tech lead Maxe, but too many leadership tasks have accumulated in his role, among them ensuring technical excellence, picking technologies and tools for projects, doing 1on1s, being the person of contact for our new-business team, helping out across projects, organizing project estimates, onboarding new developers, helping all engineers grow, mentoring our junior people, facilitating feedback talks and organizing our hiring process. Given our team size this has clearly become too much for one person, so we intend to unbundle these responsibilities into separate roles by …

  • … hiring a new Engineering Manager for process-related responsibilities and
  • … sharing more technical responsibilities among our senior engineers under Maxe’s guidance

With this job posting we’re looking for the aforementioned Engineering Manager to take over the more managerial tasks, in order to bring more ease and clarity to our development team, as well as being the bridge to the rest of the organization.

Some of your future colleagues

The role

Some of the responsibilities we already identified:

  • be aware of the current dev team workload, take part in our project management and staffing meetings, weigh in on project staffing decisions
  • discuss staffing bottlenecks with our project management team and actively search for freelancers
  • get to know our team, their professional development paths and weigh in on people-project fit
  • conduct bi-weekly 1on1s with our developers (30-45mins), being aware of their project realities and working with project management to plan ahead, preventing stressful situations
  • have an active role in our new-business team, discussing which new project leads to pursue and which ones to drop, technical approaches for new projects and organizing our estimation process to gauge complexity of upcoming projects
  • represent the engineering team towards clients and explain why we work with certain technologies (among them Kirby CMS, Elm, Elixir, JAM stack with React and next.js)
  • understand our project process (mostly scrum or kanban) and onboard new hires as well as clients, explaining the benefits of and roles within our workflows/rituals
  • keep an eye on running projects, their backlogs and support our people on tool usage / process-related questions
  • write job postings for tech roles, organize the hiring process, be part of the interviews
  • keep the tech sections of our wiki up-to-date
  • this role’s focus is not on writing code yourself, but it’s also welcome if you want to and can contribute to projects (we’d say max ~30% of your time though and not required)
  • fluent English and German (as quite a few of our clients prefer to have meetings in German, but we also have many English-speaking employees and our general company language is English)

As you can see a lot of these responsibilities have a strong communicative side and require technical understanding as well as the ability to explain technical topics to non-technical people. You’re a translator, facilitator and a bit of a coach, moving between these worlds.

That said, we also acknowledge that these responsibilities come from very different fields and we are not expecting you to be an expert in or have prior experience with all of them. Maybe you come from a project management background with curiosity for technology? Maybe you’re a developer who doesn’t see themselves writing code until retirement? Just like the rest of the team you can grow into all these tasks and you’ll get all the support you need. If you tick some boxes and have curiosity for the rest, then do apply!

Especially apply if you look different from us and would bring new experiences and perspectives to the team! We see that as a big plus!

This is a new role within our company, so the list above might not be comprehensive … you have the freedom to actively shape the position yourself and suggest changes. We will need to figure out together how all this works within our organization.

Empty office is empty … we shall return at some point! 🙃

What else you should know:

  • full-time or part-time, but four days per week (32h) would be the minimum for the role to make sense
  • 30 days of holidays yearly + an extra day off on your birthday
  • the job can be entirely remote, but if you want to move to Berlin we’ll support you financially in doing so
  • we don’t have any fixed working/availability times, so theoretically you have complete flexibility in your working hours – however this role specifically involves quite a few meetings, so a Berlin/CET-compatible timezone is required
  • yearly budget for your own professional development
  • in terms of tooling our company runs on Slack, Notion, Zoom, JIRA, Miro, Harvest and Personio
  • take a look at our whole team here

Sounds good? Then it’s your turn now!

Send us a message with some lines about yourself, your motivation, earliest start date and CV to We’ll take it from there. 😊

Not convinced yet? Learn more about us!

Don’t miss our tumblr, lots of office photos on Instagram and take a look at our Twitter. There is also a ton of articles on our blog or learn more in our wiki (which you are already on).

Lastly, in case this job is not for you, but nonetheless you read thus far: We’d be grateful if you shared this job posting with your network or passed it on to someone who might be interested. If we end up hiring your recommendation, you even get 500€ as a kickback! Thank you! 🙇

A screenshot from our weekly (but entirely voluntary) chitchat/catch-up meeting