Design principles

Here are a few things we encourage our designers to keep in mind:

  • Ask your users – they sometimes know what they want, but definitely what they don’t want.
  • Include the client – they knows more than you think.
  • Do your research – information is king, try to gets much insights as possible.
  • Broaden your horizon – inspiration is crucial.
  • Start from a birds eye perspective – don't get stuck in details.
  • Work with a hypothesis and test it – good design is not just beautiful.
  • Always include your team – strategist, developers and designers in one room are better than person trying to be a genius!
  • Design for a bigger picture – base your decisions on a strategic frameworks.
  • Design with real content – nobody understands lorem ipsum.
  • Be a project manager – try to keep an eye on your time management.
  • Don’t work in isolation – get feedback and talk to your colleagues, even if their are not on the project.
  • Be responsible – we want you to take ownership of what you do, so don't wait for someone else.
  • Do mistakes and learn from them – average is average, we want you to take risks to create something new!
  • Look beyond the tellerrand – be proactive if you want to learn something new, we support you!
  • Clean your desk – you don’t want to get problems with Lars. 🙃