Life as a developer

You are not expected to know everything.

We enjoy teaching new things and love seeing when our colleagues apply them later. Never hesitate to ask questions, especially “stupid” ones — they are the easiest to answer. And we enjoy answering complicated ones too. 🤓

You have time to learn at work.

We support everyone in getting better at what they do. You have scheduled times at work to learn and try new things. You receive a yearly professional development budget for workshops, conferences or other things. You will also learn from our big variety of projects and clients. Oh and if you enjoy reading books, just let us know and we’ll get them for you.

You get taught at work.

In our opinion just providing time to learn isn’t enough, because learning can be much faster with good guidance. Therefore we have a mentoring program, 1on1s to talk about your career development and weekly developer sessions where we teach computer science fundamentals and other important concepts via workshops and exercises.

You can use the best tool for the job.

You are encouraged to try out new tools. We had multiple successful client projects where we’ve used tools for the first time, which was achieved with good research and proper evaluation upfront. Not all tools should be tested on client projects though to minimise risk. Therefore we plan in enough time at work for experimenting and learning.

You can work where you can be at your best.

While we make sure our office is a great place for productive work, almost every day we also have people working from home, workation or fully remote. Remote work is not only fair for our non-German colleagues who want to visit their families without taking holidays, it also improves our internal processes, documentation and general well-being.

You can grow into different roles.

People’s interests and goals change, therefore we are happy to support you in changing your career path at diesdas. We’ve had office managers become project managers, developers become strategists, developers become project managers and some people are always somewhat fluid between disciplines. Talk to us as soon as you feel you need a change. 🌱

You can learn from other disciplines.

We believe that the best solutions come from close collaboration of people of diverse backgrounds and disciplines. We are designers, strategists, project managers and developers with different nationalities, education and interests. We happily share our perspectives and experiences and love learning from each other.

You get a good and fair salary.

We proactively talk about salary in feedback talks every 6 months, frequently check market rates to make sure our salaries stay competitive and look at the value a person brings to the company when evaluating salary raises instead of just years of experience or education.

You can shape the company.

Everybody in this company can shape diesdas to become a better version of itself. If there is anything you think we should improve or try out, talk to your colleagues and the partners about it. We enjoy doing experiments and evaluate them together after a while to iterate from there. This is how most things have started at diesdas, like home office, core working hours and remote work.

You can be involved in hiring decisions.

Our hiring process is set up so that applicants meet as many people from our team as possible. After we had the chance to get to know the person, the team makes the decision together. This not only ensures that applicants get a proper impression of who they’d work with, it also gives you the opportunity to decide who you will work with in the future.

You can give us feedback.

If there are any problems or if you have suggestions or ideas, we are eager to hear them. You’ll have the chance to reflect on how you feel every two weeks in your 1on1s, but you don’t need to wait this long. Max is always happy to make up time for you, in case there is anything urgent you are dealing with.

One of our weekly developer sessions before the pandemic hit us