Starting new projects

We have several project templates for you to pick from, when starting new projects.

(Sorry public reader, they are not open source.)

Our templates include:

  • checking if source code has been formatted with prettier
  • linting JS files with our config
  • linting CSS files with our config
  • common scripts, e.g. for starting development or deploying to production
  • minimal continuous integration
  • basic folder structure
  • GitHub pull request template
  • Elm: minifying compiled JS
  • Elm: watching/compiling files on save

How to use our project template as a starting point

1. Click on the Use this template button on GitHub

In case you want to read more about it, here is GitHub’s own guide.

2. Update README and package.json

Next step is updating the README and package.json to have the correct name and description of the project.

Note: You can hide unused parts of the README without deleting it. Add <!-- and everything below won’t be visible.