Your first day

Alright, it’s your first day at our company, how exciting! Usually that’ll be a Monday and everything might be a little chaotic at the start of the week—not to worry though, follow these simple steps and everything will be fine!

Our office in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Settle in at your desk

Most likely you'll start out remotely. But there is no one stopping you from coming to the office. We don't have permanent desks for everyone. For now it's rather a "book a table in advance" situation, the office is usually quite empty though and you'll find a space. Patricia will help you out with that and show you around.

Set up your computer

Your Macbook Pro is probably empty, so you’ll spend some time setting it up. Make sure to encrypt your hard drive and to pick a strong password for your account. We don’t have or want admin access to your computer and we never install any spy tools. Your computer is yours and you’re the only person with access.

You probably received an email with instructions on how to set up your company Gmail address. Once you have access, you’ll find invitations to many more services … shared calendars, Slack, Dropbox, etc. Take your time to set those up and when in doubt: ask your colleagues. If you’re a designer you might want to ask your team about additional software licenses, like getting access to Figma or (if needed) Creative Cloud. If you’re a developer, the same goes for software like Transmit or Git Tower. Of course the company pays for those.

Set up your email signature

It’s unbelievably annoying to do that, so ask a colleague to help you. 🙃

Explore some Slack channels

Slack is our virtual office and we have quite a few channels, some internal and some for projects. You’re added to some of them automatically, so take a look around and say hello! 👋

C O F F E E 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️ (aka. the kitchen guide)

If you’re in the office then by now you’re probably in need of some caffeine, or tea or a glass of water. All that can be found in the kitchen:

  • Coffee: At some point this wiki will contain instructions on how to use our coffee machine, but for now you’ll have to rely on your colleagues. Don’t worry, everyone is helpful and will give you a barista crash course, so you’ll slurp your first americano or cappuccino in no time. For those sensitive to milk: We have dairy and oat milk, just look in the fridge. If you want to read up before, we have a Rocket, similar to this machine.
  • Tea: Coffee is not everyone’s cup of tea, so we have a large selection of teas in one of the kitchen cabinets, along with tea pots.
  • Water: We always have sparkling and still water in large quantities and they are to be found somewhere next to the entrance. Feel free to take them to your desk and stay hydrated!
  • Drinks: In the fridges you’ll find fizzy drinks like lemonade, Club Mate or cola. Indulge yourself, it’s on us!
  • Breakfast: There’s müsli and fruits in the kitchen … help yourself!

Although we have cleaners coming by twice a week and an Office Management that does a tremendous job in keeping the office neat and presentable, please clean after yourself! Freshly ground coffee tends to end up all over the place… Let’s try to prevent that, so that the next person finds the kitchen the way you did. That means cleaning up a little after yourself, putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher and generally keeping an open eye. We’re all adults, after all!

Pre-covid, people often brought food back to the office and had lunch together. That will happen again!

Going out for lunch?

Some smaller groups usually go out for lunch around 12:30 and you’re welcome to join, but you can also explore the area on your own. Max H. compiled a handy lunch map, which you can find here. Otherwise just follow your colleagues.

If you’d rather bring your own food, we also have a microwave and a fully equipped kitchen, so cook away. Usually a couple of people stay inside anyways.

Eating outside around the corner

Ready to do some work!

Most likely you’ve already been assigned to a project and somebody has given you an introduction. If not: sorry about that, please make yourself heard! You might also want to look at the list of tools we use, to not miss anything.

Track your time!

“Feierabend”, as the Germans call it, is nearing and we would kindly ask you to track your time in Moco! If you’re unsure onto which jobs to log your hours, please ask a colleague!

Have a nice evening!

You made it through your first day, congratulations! We usually finish between 6pm and 7pm, so no all-nighters or crap like that. Enjoy your evening, get some rest or explore Berlin and we’re looking forward to welcome you back tomorrow! 🙌

Kreuzberg, the district where our office is located.