Diesdas Wiki How we think + roll

This is the place where we collect all things Diesdas; our company culture and philosophy, guides for new employees, and any interesting bits and pieces about the team and the company.

We decided to publish this handbook to give everyone a look behind the curtain, so you can see how we roll as an organisation. We hope that you find this useful.

Diesdas fundamentals

Why we’re here

Diesdas was born out of an experiment, a wish to find a better way to run a creative studio. It’s an experiment that we’re still iterating on today. We take a strong stance when it comes to work ethics, striving to become an even calmer company and striking a healthy balance between work and play. We don’t do extra hours, everyone gets plenty of holidays, and we foster flexible working through remote working and workations.

Always iterating

We love to tinker, test new technologies, learn about new industries. We believe there’s always more to master. We apply everything we’ve learned, and continue to learn, to create thoughtful work for our clients and to improve our working environment for our team.

Inclusive, open + connected

Diesdas reflects our belief that our interconnectedness is our strength. We’re a bunch of characters and bring together diverse perspectives, expertise and ideas which allows us to create more unique, imaginative and inspiring work. When we’re open and kind towards one another we can shape the direction of our company together - combining a little of this and a little of that to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Person talking to a group of people in a team cooking event setting