Diesdas Wiki How we think + roll

This is the place where we collect all things Diesdas; our company culture and philosophy, guides for new employees, and any interesting bits and pieces about the team and the company.

We decided to publish this handbook to give everyone a look behind the curtain, so you can see how we roll as an organisation. We hope that you find this useful.

Your first day

It’s your first day at our company, exciting! If things feel a little stressful don't worry, follow these simple steps and enjoy.

Two people sitting at a shared desk in a sunny office
Our office in Berlin Kreuzberg

Your desk

You can start out remotely or come straight to our office in Kreuzberg, totally up to you. We don't have fixed desks, but with a large part of our team working from home, you'll have no issues finding a space.

Setting up

On your first day, you’ll spend some time setting up your new Macbook Pro. Make sure to encrypt your hard drive and pick a strong password for your account. We don’t have any type of admin access to your computer – it's 100% yours.

You'll also need to set up your company Gmail account as well as other tools and services such as shared calendars and Slack. When in doubt: ask your team mates. If you’re a designer, you might want to ask your team to provide you with access to Figma or (if needed) Creative Cloud. If you’re a developer, the same goes for software like Transmit or Git Tower.


Slack is our virtual office. We have a number of channels, some dedicated to internal topics and some more project-specific. Take a look around and say hi! 👋

The kitchen guide

If you start out in the office, feel free to help yourself to coffee, tea and snacks from the kitchen.

  • Coffee & tea: Ask a team mate for a barista crash course or pick and choose from our large tea selection.
  • Drinks: In the fridge, you’ll also find classic fizzy staples like lemonade, Club Mate or Cola.
  • Breakfast & snacks: Müsli, fruits, veggies... Whatever floats your boat.

We have cleaners coming by twice a week and an Office Management team doing an amazing job keeping the office neat and presentable. We'd still love it if you'd always clean after yourself!

People sitting together in an office kitchen having lunch at the table


We've compiled a handy little guide for cool lunch spots in the area. If you’d rather bring your own food, we also have a microwave and a fully equipped kitchen.

People eating together outside in a park

Tracking time

It's “Feierabend”! We always track our hours in Moco. One of your team mates will show you how we do it.

See you tomorrow!

We usually finish between 5pm and 7pm. Enjoy your evening and welcome back tomorrow.

Wall art in Kreuzberg, Berlin
Kreuzberg, the district where our office is located.