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Often the smartest and fastest way of solving your own challenges is a change of perspective.

Most people working in a bigger company share the same problem. Lack of speed. As soon as your team hits a certain number, decisions take longer, the decision-making process gets more complicated as bureaucracy increases and moving forward is barely even possible anymore.

That is why you need a Solution Starter and someone to guide you towards asking better questions thus making better decisions to implement change in a structured way. We came up with a workshop setting that allows you to do just that.

One intense day that shines a light on who your customers really are and how to respond to their needs and problems. Around five to six hours of solo and group exercises to outline possible ways addressing your challenges.

Together we answer urgent questions and you'll get to know your own company and challenges better. And last but not least – you'll be in a better position to implement change quickly, to make your employees happier and to make your business more successful.

Sounds legit?

You’re in good company

Move fast, break things!


intense hours

1group of your key stakeholders

1team of diesdas experts

=actionable insights

But, is it for you?

Our workshop method works great, when you have questions like:

What does digitalization mean for me and my business?

How do I remove bureaucracy to fasten up decision making in my company?

How do we prioritise effectively?

How do we make people want our product?

How do we make our brand future-ready?

How do I convince my employees to embrace change?

How do I align my team to our company’s vision?

What does agile even mean and how does my team apply agile methods?

Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Voice Assistants – what is the cutting-edge tech I need to invest in now?

Sketch, Figma, Framer – how do I enable my team to adapt new tools?

How do we optimise our sales channels?

Do you have another question on your mind? Send it over!

What we usually do

Insight Mapping

Get to know your brand / product better. Together we will describe the status quo and put it up for debate. The result: a solid foundation for discussion in the workshop.

Market and competitor Analysis
Tech and digital sphere Audit
UI / UX Benchmarking

Strategic Foresight

What is already out there? Together we evaluate best practices and the most important social developments and produce recommendations for actions. The result: Promising applications and future directions.

Expert Interviews
Trend- and Benchmarking

User Synthesis

Develops a deeper understanding of user and target groups. Together, we match internal and external data with different user profiles and learn to understand our users/customers better. The result: data turns into personas – enabling a differentiated overview of customer segments and user groups.

Persona Creation / Mapping
User Journeys
User Research

Brand Building

What do you represent and what you want to achieve? Together we clarify the basics for brand building and define the core brand elements and our fundamental brand identity.

Brand Concept
Brand Elements
Brand Framework
Brand Positioning

Brand / Product Vision

Develop a vision for your brand / product. Together we derive new fields of action from our insights, which we link to smart goals. The result: A vision statement and product solutions/ features that set the basis for all further developments.

Brand / Feature Validation
Human Centered Prototyping
Product Vision Canvas
Value Proposition

Action Planning

Decides how important features really are. We review product features and brand attributes based on actual user and customer behaviour. The result: You can prioritise new features and know when it’s worth implementing ideas.

Backlog Building
Feature Planning
Feature Validation

What’s included

One Intense Workshop Day

Usually, we boil it down to five hours of heavy brain lifting.

Proven Workshop Exercises

According to your needs, we choose exercises like SWOT, Persona Mapping, 4-Action-Framework, Opportunity-Mapping and others.

Workshop Material

We provide all materials necessary to conduct a solid workshop, eg. Post-Its, Paper, Pens, Sticker-Dots, …

Working Lunch

To make sure you stay on task, we take care of snacks and a proper lunch (a working lunch that contains veggie and vegan options).

Fun and Inspiration

With all these complementary workshop formats jailed up in one room, moderated by workshop professionals, you will be surprised what we will come up with together. Guaranteed.


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