Diesdas Wiki How we think + roll

This is the place where we collect all things Diesdas; our company culture and philosophy, guides for new employees, and any interesting bits and pieces about the team and the company.

We decided to publish this handbook to give everyone a look behind the curtain, so you can see how we roll as an organisation. We hope that you find this useful.


The Diesdas office is located in an old factory building on Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Previously home to the world’s first commercial digital computer created by Konrad Zuse, it now serves as a creative space and headquarter for our team.

Meeting rooms

We have five meeting rooms in total:

  • White Space: Large meeting room with a desk, couch and TV - great for workshops.
  • Yellow Space: A smaller meeting room with a TV.
  • Green Space: Our smallest room.
  • Phone boxes: Good for calls and focus time.

Phone booths at the office


We have a set of connected speakers in the office which can be accessed through the SONOS apps. Install them and the sound system is yours, so feel free to introduce us to some new tunes.

If you’re not ready to expose your love for 90s pop just yet, you can of course wear headphones as well. Most people treat this as a sign that you don’t want to be disturbed – which goes both ways. If you see people in the zone, be mindful of their focus time and consider messaging them on Slack or talking to them later.

Being the first or leaving last

Locking up the office in the evenings and unlocking it in the mornings is easy. You'll receive a key to the office and instructions for leaving last can be found on the doors. We'd appreciate it if you'd close all windows, switch on the dishwasher, turn off all lights and lock the doors.

In terms of office hours, you do you (some of our team members start their days as early as 7am).


We have a library of interesting books about strategy, design, and code in the office. Everyone is free to borrow a book, or ask for a new one to be added to the library.

Developer at their work station
A happy developer

Student group sitting in front of a screen in an office
Visit from a student group

Picture of a dog on a dog bed
We love dogs!