In 2019 we went through a long, painful and arduous process of discovering and writing down our shared values and a vision for the company. They describe what we deem important when working together and serve as guiding principles every day when making decisions.

This page definitely needs to be expanded with more context, but here’s the short form without much commentary:


We are a bunch of characters

  • We are unconventional, playful and a little nerdy.
  • We embrace diversity and quirkiness.
  • We are eager to explore with a joy to create.

We take on responsibility

  • We take on responsibility for ourselves, our colleagues and our company.
  • We consider the economic, ecological and social consequences of our work.
  • We care for and support each other personally and on projects, from start to finish.

We stay humble

  • We build upon honesty and trust, leveraging our collective expertise.
  • We under-promise and over-deliver.
  • We look ahead instead of quibbling over the past.

We open up

  • We are open minded, seeking diverse perspectives and opinions.
  • We share what we learn: inside and outside the company.
  • We enable participation and embrace transparency.

Vision and purpose

diesdas is an open, evolutionary organisation. A community that connects people, ideas and services. Let’s leave the world better than we found it.

Putting it all together